How Important is Protein In Your Dog’s Diet?


The subject of modern canine dietary requirements is much too broad to allow one to suggest three steps to healthy eating. The main question is whether dogs are benefiting from their traditional diet, or are there other options available to dog owners now?

The more cynical dog owner may have pondered whether dog foods bought from the shop are a healthy choice, due to the simple fact that the manufacturers need to generate a profit and therefore need to use inexpensive ingredients. As a general rule, dog food manufacturers offer a good range of nutrients, but that is not to say they are getting it right every time. It is believed that the high calorific content and levels of protein found in puppy foods can often put smaller puppies at risk if they are over fed by the owner. The risk is just as real for larger or faster growing puppies who can suffer bone and joint injury if over fed on the same protein-rich foods. Perhaps the modern dog does not need as much protein as was once the case.

Many dog owners have begun to favour a home-prepared diet, but this is just not practical for many pet owners. However the benefits of this diet are obvious. Peace of mind is one advantage dog owners will enjoy if they know exactly what is being fed to their dog. Another plus point to this method in the view of many people is that home prepared foods can often represent more loyally what the diet of our dogs would have been like before they were domesticated. But why would the modern dog need such a diet today if they are no longer living the lifestyle of a wild dog?

One person who seems to have a very logical answer to this question is Dr Ian Billinghurst. Dr Billinghurst is famous as the man who developed the BARF diet. A vet and a lecturer in canine nutrition, he offers some revolutionary, yet remarkably simple solutions, to the dilemma of what to feed your dog.

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